The Private Well Podcast

About the Podcast

Who is the podcast for?

The Private Well Podcast is intended to help educate homeowners, rural residents, real estate agents, or anyone who uses water from a private well or who wants to learn more about the basics on how to care for one. Instead of reading the weekly Private Well Class lessons, the Private Well Podcast offers learners the ability to listen to the content in a casual podcast format.

What will you learn?
Just like the Private Well Class lessons, the Private Well Podcast helps a homeowner learn how to properly care for their water well and ensure their drinking water remains safe. The first season takes you through the basics, from how the science of groundwater works to the best practices of how to maintain and protect your water supply. The Private Well Podcast also provides the listener with answers to common questions and approaches to extend the life of their well.

How is the podcast different from the lessons?
The Private Well Podcast covers the bulk of the Private Well Class lessons in a free multimedia, audio-only format for those who would rather listen and learn. But it is different from the Private Well Class lessons because it includes a laid back, conversational tone between the host, Katie Hollenbeck, and an actual groundwater hydrologist, Steve Wilson. Plus, it is full of stories, examples, and anecdotes for easy listening.

Listen on the Web

  1. The Science of Groundwater
  2. Groundwater & Well Contamination
  3. Well Construction & Related Issues
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  7. RFD Radio Network Geology and Water Use Practices 06/24/2016
  8. RFD Radio Network Lead 08/26/2016

How to Subscribe

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