Environmental Laboratories and Private Wells

Why You Should Care about Private Wells

  • The laboratory professional should know the basics of how wells work and the potential water quality problems caused by well construction and local geology.
  • The laboratory professional should understand how to communicate with well owners and help them understand why it's important to sample and be able to guide them through the process.
  • The laboratory professional should be aware of local support options for well owners and be able to provide referrals to local professionals (public or private) in conjunction with results interpretation and next steps.

What PrivateWellClass.org Offers

The Private Well Class program is designed to help homeowners better understand how to properly care for their water well and we do that by educating well owners directly as well as those who serve them. Our free self-paced online class, webinars, and instructional videos can help realtors and home buyers alike develop their knowledge of well water quality and maintenance best practices.

We also recognize the incredible value of local environmental health, groundwater, and well professionals and teach our students how to find the best person for the problem. The best way to stay in touch is by joining our PrivateWellClass.org Partner Community of homeowner-serving professionals. It's completely free and there are no obligations associated with being a partner.

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Free Webinars

We also offer occasional webinars for the environmental laboratory audience covering what you most need to know about private wells.