2024 Pledge to Test Campaign

Pledge to Test is back for the 9th year. 

In conjunction with the National Ground Water Association's 2024 National Groundwater Awareness Week, the Private Well Class is hosting our 9th annual Pledge to Test campaign. This year, we are partnering with TAP SCORE to offer one free “essential” water test for well owners who pledge to test through our campaign. Additionally, everyone who pledges to test their well water this year will receive $10 off any well water test kit from TAP SCORE using the code PLEDGE10.

We will draw one winner at the conclusion of Groundwater Awareness Week, March 16, and we will work with the winners to coordinate their water testing with TAP SCORE. We want to remind everyone you are agreeing to test your well water before April 30, 2024, whether you win the free testing or not. The deadline to pledge is 11:59 p.m. CDT March 16, 2024.

2016's Pledge to Test winner, Liz H. from Illinois says, "It's awesome knowing I can drink from my kitchen faucet and not have to worry about contaminated water. Best thing I have ever done. I will test my water every year as recommended between spring and end of summer." You can read more about her experience on our blog.

How to Participate

Step 1. Use the orange button below to submit your Pledge to Test.

Pledge to Test

Step 2. Share your pledge with neighbors, friends, and family by downloading the badge and sharing it to social media. Please use the hashtags #Pledge2Test #GWAW.




Step 3. Find out if you won at 1 p.m. CDT on Monday, March 18 at our Facebook livestream. Winners will be contacted directly.

Step 4. If you didn't win, you can purchase the TAP SCORE Essential Well Water Test or test your well water using a lab of your choice before March 31, 2024.

Disclosure: No purchase is required to enter, though we hope that everyone who pledges understands that annual testing is a best practice we recommend for every private well. The Private Well Class is partnering with TAP SCORE to help raise awareness for private well testing. Only residents in the 50 United States, on tribal lands or Alaskan Native Villages within the borders of the United States, or in US territories, and whose primary residence is served by a private well, are eligible. Two Pledge to Test Campaign participants will be randomly selected from all who enter to be recipients of the free water tests through TAP SCORE. These tests are only for sampling the private well water at their residence.


The TAP SCORE “Essential Well Water Test” includes all of the constituents that The Private Well Class generally recommends that well owners test as a baseline for understanding water quality. These 53 analytes include the most common private well concerns, such as coliform bacteria and E. Coli, as well as general water chemistry and premise plumbing constituents like lead and copper.