WellAssess Mobile App

Do you help private well owners? The WellAssess app provides an electronic assessment form for professionals to evaluate potential risks to public health and safety of the well user.

WellAssess is a companion to our paper-based risk assessment tool, which outlines a comprehensive process for evaluating private well owner public health risks based on geology, well and well system construction, site factors, well owner practices, and nearby land use. 

Effective use of the app requires the user to have substantial private well experience. Both the paper-based form and this app are designed to support one-on-one work with a well owners, as it is necessary to explain what the collected information means in relation to health and safety risks.

Assessment Guide

This document is meant to supplement the assessment tool and provide additional guidance on how the assessment tool should be used.

Technical Information
The app is available for Android and iOS devices. It has been optimized for use on a tablet and may not perform as expected on a mobile phone.