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Is My Well Safe After A Flood?

Understanding the risks if your well becomes flooded is critical to protecting your family from contamination. If floodwaters overtop your well, you should assume your water is contaminated and disinfect your well for bacteria and sample it before using it again. If there is a possibility of floodwaters reaching your well, you should plan in advance.

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How to Seal an Old Well

This video, developed for 2017’s Protect Your Groundwater Day “Cap It, Plug It” theme, explains the process of properly sealing an abandoned well. The sealing took place during a public demonstration event on August 9, 2016 in Macomb, IL. Visit the National Groundwater Association to learn more about this annual event.

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The Private Well Class is a collaboration between the Rural Community Assistance Partnership and the University of Illinois, through the Illinois State Water Survey and the Illinois Water Resources Center, and funded by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.